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Inventory Manager

Real-time, federated view, multi-technology and multi-data module; Inventory platform provides a single repository for the services and resources from all the participant network domains.


Clarity TwinNet Inventory Manager is a microservice-oriented platform, that uses graph modeling and is flexible to model any kind of inventory entity and service, and provides a scalable inventory system that is adaptable to the growing complexity of future networks.

Using the power of the Auto-discovery capabilities of the Clarity TwinNet, the network monitoring is made simple, the inventory data can be updated with reasonable latency and the topology of the network can be extracted with minimum complexity and computation time.

It provides visibility of the total, utilised, and planned capacity of the network for analysis of network activities such as high uptake areas to support planning to ensure sufficient capacity is deployed to meet customer demand.


  • Provides a comprehensive model for any network across elements, locations, addresses, connections, circuits, services, and customers 

  • Models physical and logical inventory with template-driven design, including legacy and next-generation networks for both inside and outside plant

  • Supporting every type and generation of network systems (fixed, 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G) and all their respective device vendors

  •  Insight into existing network and service resources to optimize network buildouts for low latency and densification​

  • Correlate network assets and customer services, accelerating key processes such as an end to end service fulfillment.

  • Leverage network data to optimize business process

  • Order decomposition prioritisation, handling, serviceability, and resource reservation

  • Comprehensive financial view of network elements including current value, assets depreciation, and generated revenue


  • Provides efficient and simple multi-vendor network planning to accelerate 5G macro and micro cell deployments​ for dynamic planning

  • A specific value-driven solution that addresses a common customer issue 

  • Supporting lifecycle management including fulfillment and assurance

  • Bottomline improvement, by decommissioning multiple inventory systems with overlapping functionality and data​

  • Responsive to the need of services such as observability and planning in terms of the timelines of data

  • Significant reduction in time, cost, and risks to deliver and assure services by enabling automation of operational processes and proactive operation with accurate inventory information  

Optimise network planning

Accurate report and information regarding network resources and services and link to service order profiles for network planning and required upgrades.

Operation Transformation  

Enabling NOC / SOC synergy, Executing closed-loop automation to improve service and drive efficiency, Proactive Network Operations, Multi-Layer Assurance

Invnetory - model.png

Integration value

Fully interoperable using Open APIs for inbound and outbound integrations, increase visibility between supply chain and business. Also, ERP integration gives opportunely to optimise the process to meet ROI goals and more accurate financial reporting.

Accurate fulfillment automation

TwinNet Real-time inventory platform provides an accurate view of network elements and services and empowers the operators to automate the process, make the right commitment on the service delivery time scale

Invnetory - map.png

Visualised Network Management

Map view helps with quick access to high-level information, visualizing the network with rich filtering options.

Rich link modeler to implement every type of relation/connection between nodes.

The feature-rich topological map of the entire assets in the network.

Visualized view of assets' locations, their configuration, details of maintenance, and their life cycle information.

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