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Ticket Manager provides a centralised repository for the Service, incident and problem ticket


Clarity Ticket Manager provides a centralised repository for incident and problem tickets. Tickets can be generated automatically or manually from any external system and Clarity’s Assurance Suite. Ticket Manager then orchestrates the management of the incident through to resolution. With the ability to log both customer raised tickets and network related incidents, it is easy to correlate tickets and provide feedback to customer service representatives on known issues and resolution times. Escalation functions are extended by out of the box integration with Clarity SLA Manager.


  • Ticket creation using predefined templates to capture essential information; either automatically generated or initiated manually

  • Centralised, standardised, and extensible ticket management to support consolidated service desk capabilities for the system, operator or customer identified incidents, with embedded checks to avoid duplicate entries

  • Supports industry best practices with ITIL aligned processes for incident and problem management including prioritisation and categorisation of incident

  • Comprehensive ticket management processes driving analysis, assignment to work groups, status tracking, and resolution

  • Linking of tickets to associated entities including other tickets, alarms, and services to track tickets and identify impacted customers

  • Manages jeopardies and potential SLA breaches with escalations and notifications to nominated work groups and individuals

  • Inbuilt knowledge of network topologies to guide automated identification of root-cause and symptomatic fault ticket


  • Improve resolution time with consistent processes, prioritisation, simplified data entry, and incident correlation capabilities

  • Eliminate duplicate and lost tickets with a centralised solution for all incident tickets regardless of the source.

  • Reduce the cost, risk, and penalties associated with inconsistent and incomplete management of incidents, eliminating manual handoff errors and ensuring that incidents are managed through to closure

  • Improved customer experience with better identification of faults and commitment to resolution timeframes with the integrated customer and network processes

Support for ITIL Best Practices

Clarity Ticket Manager allows operators to embed the best features of both ITIL and eTOM into a single problem and incident management process. The benefits of standardisation derived through ITIL alignment are complemented by the network-aware functions provided out of the box.

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Network Fault Visualisation

To assist in diagnostics and impact assessments, users will often need to see their problem and incident tickets in the context of the technology topology, circuit schematics, and equipment displays. These views are provided out of the box by Clarity Ticket Manager.

KPI Analysis and Improvement

In addition to implementing escalation rules and interacting with SLA Manager, Clarity Ticket Manager allows operators to produce and analyse incident related statistics to measure efficiency and properly allocate resources. With accurate statistics and consistent processes, operators are able to implement business process improvement activities and measure the resultant impacts. Clarity Ticket Manager allows reporting on an extensible range of parameters and KPIs including Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), availability and outage metrics.

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Customer Focus

Clarity Ticket Manager is an essential tool in managing customer expectations. It is used to prioritise incidents based on customer, service, and revenue to minimise the impacts of performance degradations and outages. Escalation and notifications direct focus on customer issues in a timely manner. Measuring incidents against agreed SLAs help automate end to end management of SLA contracts, preempting customer calls and complaints.

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