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Performance Manager

Performance Manager as part of the intelligent assurance suite gives a constantly, updated, end-to-end view of the network and services to gain a competitive edge in customer experience and network performance 


Clarity Performance Manager as a microservice-oriented platform collects, aggregates, analysis, and visualises all throughputs from all network elements, moving operations toward prediction as well as identifying opportunities for service improvements.

It contributes to shifting the focus from technical monitoring to service monitoring, measuring the end-user experience, and encouraging monitoring practices that tend to be more service-oriented and business-oriented.

It empowers businesses to view the real-time performance of the network, quickly respond to situations, and business changes, and perform trend analysis and forecasting.


  • Prevent incidents and operational issues through the early detection of threats and transform operators from reactive to predictive. 

  •  The adoption of advanced technologies such as AI/ML provides insight into the quality of the end-user experience. 

  • Provide clear insight into network improvements and identify opportunities 

  • Microservice-based products adaptable to any marketplace

  • Capturing the Counters across the network and storing them in an efficient manner

  • KPI modeling and calculations for improved insight based on data analysis


  • Reduce the cost and complexity of network operations with a unified view of performance and automation across all network elements.

  • Feedback from analyzing network management events leads to better product development and service releases. 

  • AI-driven performance management provides Real-time monitoring for the decision-making process

  • Preventative management of service degradation and downtime by prediction and automatically generating performance alarms when defined threshold breaches occur

  • ​ Network optimization to deliver critical service with high QOS.

  • Proactively assess future performance through statistical forecasting and trending 

  • Enable KPI improvements based on real customer measurements. 

Consolidated View of Performance 

Clarity Performance Manager collects physical/logical and virtual network data regardless of network technology, vendor, and type through a library. 

Performance - dashboard2.png
Performance - dashboard1.png

Flexible Visualisation  

Operational users can create their views of the network, selecting network topologies, sites, equipment, and parameters, selecting how to display the information, and how to position the information on the screen. Multiple performance views can be opened in different tabs.

When used in conjunction with Clarity Inventory Manager, performance information can be accessed by traversing the network topologies and is visualised on the network topology displays. 

Network components 360° view 

Rather than only relying on network elements’ generated events, the Clarity performance manager uses other data like weather conditions, and the geographical density of users to give a comprehensive view of the network and help to predict any probable problem. 


Aggregation and Dashboards  

Real-time statistics (busy-hour and summaries), thresholding and forecasting tools (linear regression and moving average) provide added value to network data.

 Furthermore, sophisticated aggregation rules allow information to be aligned to geographic, network, topological, or business/organisation boundaries and present management teams with at-a-glance views of the business impacts of KPIs

Traffic Diversion  

Working in conjunction with Clarity Inventory Manager, performance threshold breaches can be used to trigger a traffic management command to automatically or semi-automatically initiate preplanned network traffic re-routes.  

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