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Field Service 

Field Service Manager is a multi-sided platform that provides automatic assignment and scheduling jobs to field agents


Clarity’s Field Service Manager (FSM) is a microservice-oriented multisided platform where different players like a service provider, workforce, customer, 3rd party suppliers are connected.

Clarity’s FSM provides automatic assignment and scheduling for field jobs to the field force, based on workgroups, shifts, location, skills, experience, and availability.

When used in conjunction with Clarity’s Unified OSS Suite, job allocation for network build, provisioning, and problem resolution is an integral and automated step in the rollout, fulfillment, and assurance workflows.

The Field Service Manager Open API   also allows external booking systems to request jobs for customer appointments.


  • A multi-sided platform with decoupled actors that enables demand-based workforce management by access to external parties to reduce OpEx

  • Efficient allocation of field agents to tasks based on workgroup, shifts, location, skills, experience, and availability

  • Catalog-based system setup gives the highest level of flexibility to end users to define workflows, skills, tools, spare parts, services, products, etc fitted to their business model.

  • User-friendly mobile app assisting workforce with real-time updates on new jobs, communication with the operation centre, status updates, file sharing, etc.

  • Automated Workforce Management with seamless ML-supported features.

  • Subscription-based product with a SaaS pricing model that enables end users to adjust their costs.


Customisable Skill Catalog, Work order Catalog, Tools Catalog, Spare part Catalog, SLA Catalog, HR Catalog.

Using a multi-sided platform business model to easily manage and scale on-demand work-agents

Optimised field-force routing to minimise truck roles by allocating and scheduling jobs based on proximity

Record and track job progress and give real-time status of Job Tickets to field force, supervisors, and customers

Ability to interface with the HRIMS for sending the overtime, attendance, and leave details and also for getting the leave balance for each employee

Activity-based costing feature to calculate the cost of every delivered service using definable cost drivers like hours, Kilometres, work items, etc.

Applying gamification solutions like rewarding systems and customer reviews to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated dashboards for Operators, Supervisors, Field-service agents, Suppliers, and warehouses to manage their work

Comprehensive reporting allows field-force efficiency and capacity to be assessed, and potential shortfalls in staff to be predicted.

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