Clarity is built on a 25-year heritage of successful delivery of complex real-time enterprise operational management solutions globally. Clarity Global is headquartered in Australia with Solution Centers in Asia, Middle-East and Europe. Our multinational team builds lifelong relationships with our customers, committed to delivering continuous value with managed services solutions that Automate, Optimize and monetize their Business. We are selling value to our customers by enabling them to exploit the maximum benefits they can from our solutions and services. We are with our customers and have our skin on the game all the way in this journey Clarity Global possesses a broad portfolio of ready-to-use and customizable products in the areas of Big Data analytics, Service provisioning and Assurance, SLA monitoring, Alarms, Inventory, Ticketing by applying breakthrough technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning using new algorithms to fit our customers with 5G and ever-increasing customer needs in a very competitive telecom industry.


Many OSS vendors claim and strive for integration across functional modules and across network technologies. Few vendors have achieved this. Clarity offers an out of the box pre-integrated solution that supports the end-to-end business process offering significant advantages:

Clarity OSS Suite entirely covers Assurance and Fulfilment Suites and has a rich capability to support different levels of NQM (Network Quality Management), SQM (Service Quality Management), CEM (Customer Experience Management) and BQM (Business Quality Management). Clarity Product is fully aligned with TM Forum standards including TAM, eTOM, SID and Open API.

Clarity Fulfillment is a highly scalable solution that simplifies the operations of multi-vendor, multi-technology 

Clarity’s Field Service Manager provides automatic and semi-automatic assignment and scheduling for field jobs to 

Operators need the ability to monitor and correlate service and the network performance in real-time using


fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) and its expected revolutionary impact on a wide range of industries from manufacturing to health-care and entertainment, has necessitated a fundamental change in attitudes towards technology. The telecom industry plays a vital role in providing needful infrastructure to enable businesses to exploit 5G potentials as much as possible. 

BOSS is the critical component of any telecommunication ecosystem where any enhancement inevitably must be started from here. Clarity has mapped out a deliberate road map which will be ended up to autonomous operations with Zero-touch, Zero-trouble, and Zero-waiting characteristic.

In assurance, for instance, Clarity is developing the use of machine learning methods to increase the accuracy of detecting faults and users' quality of experience (QoE).more...

Digital transformation often begins with the customer: How to get to know customers better, improve your service 

Using Agile as a project management methodology in Clarity goes back to 10 years ago.





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