Test Manager


Clarity’s Test Manager provides automated and semi-automated testing for network and services. Pre-defined tests can be initiated as part of a workflow, a scheduled test pattern or upon request. New tests can be quickly defined through GUI based test specification tools allowing new network equipment and test/diagnostics procedures to be quickly incorporated. Test Manager interfaces to the network through its tried and tested Mediation Device Driver technology. Test Manager can be called from process steps in Clarity’s Assurance and Fulfillment Suite, and can also be invoked from Clarity’s field-service tools.


  • Automates testing for fulfillment and assurance processes; allowing tests to be initiated, and the results automatically assessed against predefined criteria

  • Implements a testing strategy to allow operators to perform periodic and scheduled test cycles across their network from a simple test scheduling interface

  • Long-term storage and easy access to test results; lodged against the entity under test, the fault ticket initiating the test or the service order initiating the test

  • Field-force testing is initiated from Clarity Field Service Manager and allows engineers to verify completion of work, verify problems and diagnose from the field

  • Flexible definition of test instructions and results handling simplifies the addition of new tests to any provisioning verification, diagnostics and problem confirmation activity