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Simplifying Operations

Clarity offers an integrated, modular solution to support key operational management processes. With a focus on automation, our vision is to simplify operations so that operators can efficiently and cost-effectively manage network rollouts, and rapidly deliver and assure customer services.

Reduce Operational Costs
Clarity reduces the complexity and cost of end-to-end operations with an integrated, adaptive solution to support multi-channel, multi-network, multi-service environments. It greatly simplifies the implementation of zero-touch process automation with integrated, reusable and configurable workflow to minimise manual hand-offs, reducing the time and cost of operations.
The integrated framework significantly reduces the time, cost, and resources required for both initial deployment and ongoing management of operations environments. It provides sophisticated project and operational management of assets to minimise risk and misuse of valuable investments. Operators can transition from operational silos either through major transformation projects or through gradual replacement of legacy operations as they reach end-of-life.

Enrich the Customer Experience
Superior customer service is a crucial factor for both attracting and retaining customers. Customers want efficient customer service, high service quality and low prices. Clarity supports these demands throughout the customer lifecycle, with the flexibility for both CSR and self-care
customer management, self-service wizards for sign-up, flexible ordering and bundling, visibility of order status, billing and payments. Throughout every transaction, Clarity proactively monitors service quality, correlating process and network events to identify and rectify incidents before the customer is impacted to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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