SLA Manager


Clarity SLA Manager is used to define and manage contracted SLAs against service delivery performance. It ensures that the service commitments made to customers are tracked and recorded against the defined Service Level Agreements. SLA Manager is fully integrated with the Clarity Fulfillment and Assurance suites to provide real-time monitoring of related activities to ensure that prescribed SLAs are met. SLA Manager also provides visibility on the performance of internal operational processes, teams and suppliers for management review and productivity analysis. It also automates the actions required when SLAs are approaching threshold levels or have been breached. It lets Service Providers manage key customer accounts with better and more timely information by automatically changing priorities and workgroups for tasks and fault tickets, issuing notifications to the customer, and initiating rebates.


  • Template-driven and extensible definition of customer SLA contracts including the time to provision services, time to respond and restore, network and service availability, and quality

  • Mapping of the customer service to the underlying network and resources to understand the impacts of network status on SLAs

  • Tracking SLA parameters across systems and networks through integration with the Clarity Fulfillment and Assurance Suites to monitor the quality and availability of service

  • Rich GUI for real-time monitoring of SLAs and impacts to customers with automated notification of impending SLA threshold breaches to assist in prioritization of remedial actions

  • Forecasting of probable SLA breaches to direct operations to the important problem 

  • Automated notification of rebates to management and billing systems in the event that breaches occurred